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If you cannot get sour cherries for Vişnată (Kirsch Liquor), here is a nice alternative : cherry liquor.

Cherry Liquor (Cireşată)

Cherry Liquor (Cireşată)

MACERATION: 1+ month
PORTION(S): approx. 60 US oz (1.75 L) once filtered



  1. Remove the cherry stems. Set aside (see Notes below for stems use).
  2. Wash the cherries thoroughly in cold water and strain them.
  3. In a 1-gallon glass pot or container with a large opening and cover, place one row of cherries and cover them with a bit of the sugar.
  4. Repeat the last step until all the cherries and the sugar are used. Ensure to keep some sugar to cover the last row of cherries.
  5. Cover the pot with a piece of cheescloth tightened with an elastic band. Set aside the cover for future use.
  6. Place the glass container in a dark dry place, ensuring the top is not obstructed. Keep unattended until all the sugar melts and turns into syrup (usually 5-7 days).
  7. Once all the sugar has melted and turned into syrup, shake the bottle for a few seconds and place it back. Repeat this step every day for 3 more weeks.
  8. After 1 month, remove and discard the cheesecloth. Pour the vodka over the cherries.
  9. Mix thoroughly for about 30 seconds, cover the container with its lid and place it back into a dark dry place.
  10. Repeat the last step every day during 1 more month.
  11. Optionally, after this other month, use a big piece of cheese cloth to filter the liquor thru a strainer into 2 glass bottles. Otherwise keep it in the glass container and serve from it as is.
You can dry the cherry stems in an open container for 1 week and boil the in 4 cups (1 L) of water during 15 minutes to make a healthy cherry stem herbal tea.
The more you keep the cherries in the liquor, the longer they macerate and the heavier the liquor alcohol degree gets.
Once the liquor finished, the filtered cherries can be pitted and used in your favorite seet breads, cakes or tarts. Remember that the cherry are heavily alcoholized, but once cooked in the oven, the loose most of their alcohol.

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