From site design to hosting and promotion, from back-end programming to visual content creation, we cover the whole process of Web development and implementation with the highest level of professionalism.

Infomas provides high-quality Internet solutions for corporate, professional and private clients, as well as contract work for design studios, ad agencies and multimedia companies.

Our fast reaction time, pixel-perfect production, versatility, imagination and dedication, transforms the hectic nature of your projects in a less stressful experience. Add to this competitive pricing and timely deliveries, and you just found the way to improve your ROI while taking some pressure off your back.

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This site is still under construction... Our clients' projects are our first priority.

The latest work was as diverse as the services we offer:

•  a complete website for an industrial company (ForeSight Lighting) with a MySql/PHP back-end and a WYSIWYG content management module.

•  back-end programming of a promotional mini site for Club Med / Sieur D'Arques, with a database driven form and a stats page - contract work.

•  the design of a flyer for a special event sponsored by Wyeth - contract work.

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Website for an industrial company.
Promotional Web page for Club Med.
Flyer design and production.
Front-end: website layout, visual definition, navigation and original visual content - photography, digital illustration (2D/3D), animation.

Back-end: page coding, client and server scripting, database programming, CMS, XML and RSS Web services, etc.

Usability: testing and standards compliance.

Deployment and promotion: hosting, training, maintenance, SEO, online advertising, etc.

Languages and technologies: XHTML, XML, CSS, SVG, WAP, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, Flash/ActionScript, .NET, MySQL, Access, SQL Server, and more.
There are many reasons for publishing on the Web: commerce, information gathering and dissemination (news, propaganda / advertising, distance learning), substitute for direct human contact, personal promotion ...

Whatever your reason, our knowledge of the medium will help you attain your goals while projecting a favorable image to the outside world.

By using the latest technologies, methods and principles of website design, we can help you transform your ideas in a profitable reality.

True to our motto, our web solutions are always simple, beautiful and effective.

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Portfolio: website design - corporate (2004-2006). Portfolio: website design - corporate (2004-2006). Portfolio: website design - personal (2004-2006). Portfolio: website design - corporate (2002-2004).
Portfolio: website design - professional (2002-2004). Portfolio: website design - professional (2002-2004). Portfolio: website design - personal (2000-2002). Portfolio: website design - portal (1998-2000).
Portfolio: website design - portal (1998-2000). Portfolio: website design - industrial (2005). Portfolio: website design - back-end programming (2004-2006). Portfolio: Internet applications - multimedia online training (2002-2003).
Today's websites are in fact interfaces for full-fledged information management applications, such as B2B and B2C e-commerce, inventory control, HR management, CRM, and more.

The complex back-end development requires qualified analysts and programmers with solid knowledge of the database-intensive business applications field.

Take advantage of our extensive experience in the business and multimedia software development for your next project, and retrieve your peace of mind.

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Portfolio: Internet software development - ERP.
Portfolio: software development - business management.
Portfolio: software development - multimedia authoring.
This section presents some samples from our visual communication portfolio.

It illustrates our abilities in photography, 2D/3D digital illustration, corporate identity and interface design, with applications in the electronic and printed media projects.

Portfolio: visual communication - advertising. Portfolio: visual communication - advertising. Portfolio: visual communication - advertising.
Portfolio: visual communication - promotional, printed media. Portfolio: visual communication - illustrations. Portfolio: visual communication - 3D illustrations.
Portfolio: visual communication - 3D object concept. Portfolio: visual communication - photography. Portfolio: visual communication - multimedia.
Educated clients are our guarantee of success.

Besides having a good knowledge of your own business and being capable to define your goals, you should also be aware of the capacities and the limitations of the Web; this insures a harmonious collaboration and well rounded results.

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